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Why am I running to be your next Sheriff?

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Reinstitute the
Violent Crime Unit

During my law enforcement career, I have seen major issues that have affected and continue to affect our generation one of them being the illegal use and distribution of narcotics. Therefore, I plan to reinstitute a high-crime unit, that will focus on narcotics, gangs, and human trafficking. This unit will work with federal, state, and local partner agencies. This will be a proactive unit to assure the citizens in Midland County their safety.

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Community Presence

If I am elected as our next county Sheriff, I would make sure that we schedule our shifts so that we have enough deputies on the road. It is critical that we overlap shifts on weekends in the evenings to patrol. I will also be out in the community with my deputies when events develop that necessitate the Sheriff being on the front lines. Finally, I will have an open-door policy for all of my deputies and community members.

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Staff Oil Field Crime Unit 

Because we all live in Midland, we understand the importance of our oil and gas industry. If elected sheriff, I will ensure that the Oil Field Crimes Unit is staffed to investigate the millions of dollars in theft that occurs each year.

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