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Rory Mckinney & Fam


With over 34 years of law enforcement experience, 25 of those years being in a supervisory position he has demonstrated that he possesses the required skills of a true leader. He began his law enforcement career in 1986 as a detention officer for Midland County Jail. He then graduated from the Odessa college police academy in 1988 and became a patrol officer in 1989 for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office. After two years of service, he was quickly promoted to the criminal investigations division as an investigator. from there he was assigned to investigator in the narcotics division in 1992 and held that position until 1995. He was then promoted to Sergeant of the narcotics division. He successfully led that division for three years. In 1998 he was given the rank of Lieutenant over the Criminal Investigation Division. In 2002 he was given the opportunity to lead the  Operations division with the rank of captain. After 14 years of successful leadership of that division, he was then promoted to Chief Deputy and held that position until 2020 when he retired. After retirement, he joined the workforce once again as a bailiff for the U.S. Federal Courthouse here in Midland and currently holds the position of supervisor. Throughout his career, he has maintained a high level of integrity which we believe is essential in the criminal justice field.


I am running for Midland County Sheriff. This decision comes based on the love and appreciation that I have for this community.  I believe together we can re-establish, re-instate, and re-vitalize the Sheriff’s office. I can assure the public that if given the opportunity I will not be a manager but a true leader for the department. I will lead by example by assisting and being with my personnel in every major incident. I will be a sheriff who will be present not only for my personnel but also for the public.

During my law enforcement career, I have seen major issues that have affected and continue to affect our generation one of them being the illegal use and distribution of narcotics. Therefore, I plan to reinstitute a high-crime unit, that will focus on narcotics, gangs, and human trafficking. This unit will work with federal, state, and local partner agencies, but all cases will be initiated by our department. This will be a proactive unit to assure the citizens in Midland County their safety.



My name is Jorge Martinez and I am proud and honored to have been asked by Rory Mckinney to be his Chief Deputy once elected. I am sure that under his leadership Midland County will have one of the finest Sheriff’s Department in this great state.


A little about me I was born in Odessa Texas but raised in Midland all my life. I attended Midland ISD public schools and graduated from Midland High School in 2008. My parents immigrated at a young age from Mexico and came to the Permian Basin Area to make sure my brother and I had an opportunity to have a better future. They are the perfect example of the American dream. They have successfully established a well-known family business for over 33 years known as Martinez Bakery. Earlier this year we

decided to open a second location in the great community of Greenwood which is where I currently reside. We have been very supportive of the area that has made us who we are. This is why I have made my decision in assisting Rory in his quest for Midland County Sheriff.

About my law enforcement career, I began working for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office in February of 2010 underneath the late Sheriff Gary Painter. I started in the Detention Division as a Jailer until August of 2011 which at that time I attended the Sul Ross State University Law Enforcement Academy where I successfully graduated in December of 2011. In January of 2012 I was selected as a Patrol Deputy where I had the privilege of working underneath some of the greatest leader, Chief Deputy Rory Mckinney being one of them. Other positions I held throughout my career included K9 Deputy, Patrol Corporal, Patrol Sergeant, Swat Operator, Firearms Instructor and many more. After my departure from the Sheriff’s Office I still continued to serve my community as a Reserve Police Officer for the Greenwood Independent School District Police Department.


As Rory stated we need your support. Sin el apoyo de ustedes esto no sera posible. Estamos en la lucha para hacer un departamento de alcade para todos y para que tengan la confianza de poder venir y hablar con nosotros. Recuerden que “ juntos haremos historia “!!!

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